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How do I know if insurance will cover my visit(s)?

 You can contact your insurance company to check your coverage for nutrition counseling or diabetes education 

What is the amount billed to my insurance company per visit?

$200 is billed for initial visit and $100 is billed for each follow up

How many visits are covered with my insurance?

Every insurance plan is different. Your best bet is to contact your insurance company for information regarding allowed yearly visits. Appointments every 2-3 months are strongly encouraged for continued success with meeting your nutrition and/or diabetes goals.

I do not see eating disorder support as a service. Do you work with eating disorders?

Unfortunately,  I am not certified in eating disorders. I am happy to refer you or your loved one to another dietitian that may be better qualified in this area. 

Do you send communication to my doctor about our appointment(s)?

Yes, a consultation note will be sent to the provider of your choice after each appointment. 

Do I need to complete any paperwork prior to my first appointment?

Yes, a form will be emailed to you once your first appointment is made. This form must be completed prior to first appointment. 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to appointment date. 

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